Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rain On Our Parade

Not so much going on in Atlanta art this week.

There's the cool sculpture exhibit at Youngblood... but that's the only opening over this last week and the coming weekend, right?

Oh, and New Street Gallery's 4th Annual Vinyl show Saturday the 12th:

I'm looking forward to it - a big handful of artists I recognize and like, another even bigger handful I can't wait to see for the first time.

Speaking of vinyl...

I ran into this guy leafing through a box of records outside Star Bar last night, and asked him what was up. He told me that Wax n' Fact's owner tossed a box of records out every few nights. The records all play fine, they just don't happen to be selling.

(This is how the guy selling records in Little Five Point's concrete park finds his merchandise.)

We looked through the records for a bit, and I wished I still had a record player.

And, speaking of music...

Kiki Blood and Shana Robbins are playing the Masquerade Tuesday night. Check it out.


mike said...

There is actually a ton of stuff going on July 12th. MINT Gallery benefit show at WonderRoot, Beep Beep Gallery opening, New Street Vinyl show, Dark Meat playing at Whirley Ball, and The Buddy System playing at the Unicorn. Check ThoughtMarker over the course of the week for all of the details.

Ben Grad said...

Those are some tough choices.

I wish whirlyball was inside the city.