Saturday, August 30, 2008

Banksy @ New Orleans

Banksy's graffiti has been popping up in New Orleans over the last few weeks.

It's all pretty awesome, but this is my favorite:

In the months after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was filled with these fridges. Can you imagine the smell that comes from a fridge after it's been sitting in water and sunlight for a few weeks? Cleanup wasn't easy, and you can still stumble on Katrina Refrigerators around the city, either waiting on a curb to be picked up, or still in flooded homes.

The Nola Rising blog has a great post on Banksy's recent additions to public art in Katrina. (I can't say enough good things about this blog. If you're at all interested in public propelled art, this is the place to look.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Group Seven @ Whitespace

Patrick Toups, Matt Sigmon, Phil Proctor, Julia Hill, Kate Hannon, Don Dougan, Antonio Darden, Melinda Crider.

"Each artist's affect was not blind or random, but a thoughtful and challenging role in both creating and incorporating what had come before."
Also see Imagillaboration.

We find these enchanting.

More text by Tuesday.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day After the Harold Group House Show

We are all pretty tuckered.

The Harold Group's myspace has artist links, and the best bicycle song since Queen's "Bicycle Race."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Pages from Troubled Souls

Written by Garth Ennis, illustrated by John McCrea. Published 1990.

Buy it here. Or email me for a digital copy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Repugno Selects Blogzine

The Repugno Selects blog hosts "poetic work in the public sphere or work given away/left in public." Their first issue was published August 1st, and features mainly local poets: troylloyd, Scott MacLeod, James Sanders, and David-Baptiste Chirot*.

They're currently collecting submissions for issue 2, which should be out by early November.

Many of troylloyd's pieces rely on both written meaning as well as the aesthetics of placement and decay to create their larger impact. It's an interesting path for a author/poet to take, and a logical extension of what I've seen in his other pieces, which are usually along these lines:

Şunu mu aradınız:
legibility, legibly, legality, legerity, legible

Did you mean: legibility ?

Re: Neurofeedback

Legibilty is a measure of the writers sense of purposefulness.

The ability of the individ
ual elememts of an image to be seen



I'm not sure if it's easier or harder to decipher David Baptiste-Chirot's work. Many of his pieces remove the question of location - they're photographed so closely that the picture frame is filled by entirely etched and wheatpasted surfaces, giving no hint of where Baptiste-Chirot's placed his graffiti. As a person deeply interested in the physics of location (especially in The South), I was a bit disappointed that he hid the location of his pieces. Additionally, I've always thought that some of the most interesting elements of graffiti was the artistry behind getting to a wall and making art - the viewer of graffiti likes to be able to imagine police sirens, complex climbing rigs, and omnipresent danger when we're seeing these pieces in the light of day...

Anyway, removing location does narrow the viewers' focus, which is probably a good thing when there's such visual richness and layering in a piece.

*at least, I think those first two are local.

(all images from the blog)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Falcon Lords Related Post, I Promise

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Falcon Lords

They're playing Star Bar Thursday night with Tenth to the Moon, Missile Command, Rev Rebel and the Sound Supreme, and Ice Caps.


Friday, August 1, 2008


(text reads "Second Amendment"

(text reads "#1 in Sex Traffic," the scraps at the top read something like "Atlanta, GA")