Friday, July 11, 2008

Frisky Friday

Noot d'Noot's album release party tonight. It's a decent album, but nowhere near their live show. Check them out at The Earl tonight, or, if you can't make it, they play a show at Lenny's with Judi Chicago every Friday this summer. And they're playing at Whirlyball with Dark Meat this Saturday.

Here's Fire King, from the new album.
A lot of local bicyclists are getting together to hold a "Courteous Mass" at 6 pm tonight. The mass is an alternative to Atlanta's monthly Critical Mass; it follows a planned route and obeys all traffic laws. The pace should be slow enough for even the most novice cyclist, so try and stop by after work. We're meeting in Woodruff Park downtown, leaving at 6:30, and will be riding a total distance of 12 miles.

If you can't make it to the park in time, we'll probably be riding until around 8:30ish along this route.

Also, there's an interesting discussion about the Mass here.

There are a few promising visual arts exhibitions connected to the National Black Arts Festival opening this weekend. Dave McKenzie will be showing some video work at The Contemporary tonight (through August 30th). I couldn't find any of his videos online, but The Contemporary offers this description:

Dave McKenzie is best known for a performance documented on video in which he walks the streets of Harlem in NYC, wearing a Bill Clinton mask, shaking hands with area residents. Performed after the former President located his offices to the area but rarely was seen there, McKenzie became a surrogate, hiding in public but also being available. As an artist of color, he was clearly toying with the concept of Clinton as “the first Black President.”

Using materials including newspapers, cut metal signs, day planners, and basketballs, the artist will present variously interactive objects and events that continue his exploration of daily rituals, time, communication, and identity.

If you're reading this blog, there's a good chance you started salivating when you read the words "exploration of daily rituals."

The opening is from 7 to 9 tonight.


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