Sunday, June 8, 2008

Photographs from Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC

Magnolia Cemetery is:

The oldest public cemetery in Charleston, founded 1849 on the banks of the Cooper River, and currently listed on National Register of Historic Places. It is the final resting place for generations of Southern leaders that include governors Thomas Bennett, Langdon Cheves, Horace L. Hunley and Robert Barnwell Rhett. The hundreds of Confederate soldiers buried here include five generals - Micah Jenkins, Arthur Manigault, Roswell Ripley, James Conner and C.H. Stevens.

Shots were taken at speeds of between 3 and 7 miles per hour, from the back of a bike.

I've been here (in the city, not the graveyard) since Thursday. It's a fantastic place - they're in the middle of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, a month long celebration of the city's various artists, and a few others, including Laurie Anderson (!).

There's another simultaneous festival, called Spoleto Fringe, which carries art aimed closer to my demographic - punk shows in alleyways lined with full scale body sculptures made by local high school students, record stores carrying BeepBeep-ish art (and playing DJ Shadow's "Six Days"), and an art show to help the local bike co-op outfit its new permanent space.

Both festivals are ending this weekend, but, if you've got some free time next May/June, it's definitely worth coming up here for a long weekend.