Monday, June 16, 2008

Emily K - Have You Seen This Van?

(all photos courtesy of Emily)

Emily K, Beep Beep intern and driver of THAT VAN, held her first show last Friday at the Virginia-Highlands Aurora Coffee.

She had some good, promising pieces up:

This second one's a lot of fun - I think that white grid is the no-slip material you put under keyboards and furniture on wood surfaces.

In the first, she used papyrus on what looks like an easel.

"EATTISE?" (I'm just trying to match these to a letter chart; maybe each symbol stands for a word? Or each letter stands for a sentence? Also, it's possible this was written in French.)

Anyway, I'm not sure how long this'll all be up, but you've probably got another few weeks to check it out.

(In the FUTURE: Mint, Squanto)


Cinque said...

I read it as "caffine," which may be an approximation of caffeine?

Ben Grad said...

French is "caféine"

Ginna Funk Wallace said...

i read what you read as an S as an M.

Anonymous said...

Man I work at that Aurora and the caffine shit is driving me crazy.

Love- Squanto

Ben Grad said...

This riddle's driving me crazy.

Ben Grad said...

Oh, Ginna F - I just realized that switching the s and m spelt "Eat Time."

That would be cool.

em k. said...

i just misspelled caffine guys. caffeine. ah sweet humility(ation) eeeeeeeeeeeee.. I also have a misspelled sentence on the side of my van. yay!