Friday, April 4, 2008

First Writing Piece Printed!

The review (as well as a review of Micah Dalton's album, and some news pieces) is out in Performer Magazine's April issue. You can read it online here.

I finally got to see Hope For Agoldensummer play live at Wordsmith Books' old location a few weeks after writing my review. Ariadne Thread uses a lot of interesting studio tricks, and I was worried that their live set wouldn't carry the layered, almost old, quality I heard in my favorite songs from the album.

For their show, Hope For Agoldensummer avoided trying to duplicate their studio sound, skipping the most "produced" tracks from their album ("Last Summer's Beach Trip" and "Old Questions"). They opened with "Hold Me Close In the Hallway," the first track from Ariadne Thread, replacing the album's cicada chirps with rhythmic foot shuffling. Most of their other pieces followed this same formula, replacing multilayered audio-collage with simple devices (foot shuffling, bells wrapped around an ankle) used more as a reminder of the sound used in the album.

It all worked out very well, and I've just spent my lunch break trying to imagine how Hope for Agoldensummer would sound in a larger venue, like Atlanta's Variety Playhouse.