Saturday, April 26, 2008

Castleberry Hill Art Stroll

(Updated! See below.)

I stopped by Allison Rentz' performance Friday because I'd looked through a few still photographs of her hanging installations and thought they had a lot of potential. The installations are preoccupied with fairly powerful themes - weight, entanglement, birth, and, less directly, music/speech/sound. Unfortunately, Rentz' live performance was basically incomprehensible - but not incomprehensible in a good way, where the piece suggests a basic unity that the viewer's just not able to grasp.

(Jeremy's posting a longer review on his blog sometime towards the end of the week)

Emil Alzomora, Krause Gallery.

Put me in a room with a few of these things, and I'll be happy to just spend an hour staring.

Abby Banks at Get This! Gallery, from "If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now"

Does this fit that "hipjaculate" definition? Maybe. Definitely a bit more gracefully than the usual "gallery full of skateboards decorated by local graffiti artists."

I guess, having looked through Banks' Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy a few days before seeing the show, I was prepared to assess her work as intentionally closer to anthropology than art.

I sort of rushed through this one, which is unfortunate. Anyone out there writing about it?


Cinque said...

I thought this art stroll was about a one hundred percent improvement over last month's. Allison Rentz was especially interesting, though also enjoyed the weird western paintings at Stokes. I was filled with hope. Thanks for the photos.

Fifth said...

Of course, I see this comment just as I finish writing mean things about Rentz!

Did you see her performance?

This is only the second stroll I've been on - I realized that it's a really great way to decompress after Critical Mass, so I think I'm going to be attending more regularly.

ALLison REntz, dictator said...

I am glad for your honesty, Ben. Also, I was happy to meet you and Jeremy. It is good that you feel comfortable expressing your unmuffled truth.

Fifth said...

It was good meeting you too!

Cinque said...

Those aren't "mean things." I say let's not categorizing rigorous, insightful comments as "mean." Personally, I always expect great things from artists; I have a high bar. After all, artists are the recorders and carriers of meaning in the culture, which means they have a pretty important job and we should insist that they do it well.

Anyway, yes, I saw the performance. I thought it was completely interesting and may have failed pretty dramatically. But I was awed by the risk and the total vulnerability of the artist, which was exhilarating all the way down.

Fifth said...

I refer to my comments as "mean" because they're not justified with a few paragraphs of analysis. Blame my English lit background.

And I definitely agree, RE: Standards.

littlejoke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fifth said...

Deleted comment:

Allison Rentz is also the creator of Artlanta (, a freely editable listing of local art events. I will see about adding a review heading on the site.

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